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Jaume Roig

21.06.2024 -14.07.2024

"No Home" 

The ceramist Jaume Roig will present a solo project at the Santa Eulària Air-Raid Shelter as part of the OFF CAN Contemporary Art Now program. This initiative, since 2022, has promoted the dissemination of Balearic artists by organizing exhibitions in venues across the Pityusic Islands, primarily between Formentera and Ibiza.

Jaume Roig seeks rawness and simplicity in form and material to achieve a timeless air. He is interested in pieces that could be both ancient and contemporary in the future, an exercise that fascinates and motivates him to continue exploring the essential.

The play of light and shadows is another element of his interest, as well as the space surrounding the piece. Depending on the projection of light and shadows, a piece can change, and he always takes this into account when working.

An important aspect of his work is what he calls "synthesized nature." He appreciates the environment and enjoys creating landscapes by reducing natural elements to their minimal expression. Both in painting and sculpture, landscapes almost naturally emerge.

His training began at a very young age in a traditional ceramics workshop in the center of Palma, run by his mother. Later, he developed his own line of work, evolving towards a cruder and more abstract way of working with clay.

Painting emerged later out of the need to expand the dialogue with ceramics and his innate need to try different media. He is also interested in working with sandstone and wood.

For the second consecutive year, the Balearic tourism company Paya Hotels reaffirms its strong commitment to Balearic artistic creation and to strengthening and increasing the visibility of this sector through its support of the OFF CAN 2024 program. This program not only promotes Balearic talent but also seeks to connect Ibiza and Formentera through art.

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07840 Santa Eulària des Riu,
Balearic Islands