CAN is back. Since ancient times, Ibiza has been marked by different clashes of cultures, making up an historical-artistic heritage of immense value. Its character as a receiver, assimilator and host of social, artistic and cultural movements, conditioned the realisation of CAN, a brand-new art fair that blends the excitement of the contemporary art scene with the easygoing attitude of the Mediterranean lifestyle.


CAN, which means “house of” in Ibizan, turns Ibiza back into what it has always been: the House of Art. The home of the latest movements, the space where everything comes first, and ultimately, the place which has the potential to set the course for others to follow.


From Ibiza to the world, or the other way around... Ibiza has always been the perfect ecosystem for the enriching encounter between freedom, avant-garde, and creativity, and that is why CAN intends on wielding that same magic by bringing together an extensive selection of world's leading galleries to present the work by some of the world most exciting and renowned artists working today.

Back then, and once again now... The island once attracted both the most advanced cultures (Phoenician, Greek...), the most advanced social and artistic movements (Hippies, musical avant-garde...), and this powerful magnetic gift is set to come to life once again through CAN.

Contemporary Art Now, reflects the obsession to update what is already contemporary. At CAN we are convinced that there is only one thing more current than today - now. And the fact is that our surname Now is a rigorous declaration of intentions that forces us to focus solely and exclusively on the latest in Contemporary Art.








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