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Alejandro Javayolas & Bartomeu Sastre

21.06.2024 - 14.07.2024

"Espais Incomplets"

Alejandro Javayolas & Bartomeu Sastre will present a double project at the Faro de Ses Coves Blanques as part of the OFF Program of CAN Art Ibiza. An initiative that, since 2022, promotes the art of Balearic artists by holding exhibitions in venues on the Pittusan islands, mainly between Formentera and Ibiza. 

In "Espais Incomplets," abstract worlds and tangible realities collide and merge in a unique artistic experience.Through radically different mediums and approaches, these artists explore the boundaries of perception and the relationship between form and substance, leading the viewer on an introspective and reflective journey about the meaning of art in an ever-changing world. Javaloyas and Sastre take us on an emotional and conceptual journey where the abstract and the tangible intertwine in a hypnotic dance of forms, colors, and meanings. This exhibition not only dazzles us with visual beauty but also challenges us to rethink our role as active observers and participants in the vast canvas of life.

Alejandro Javaloyas (b.1987, Palma de Mallorca, Spain) presents a series of works made during his stay in an artistic residency with La Bibi. His minimalist abstract art transforms veneered wood into convex forms by bending, cutting and polishing. Circular motifs, such as dots and holes, explore the tension between form and figure, positive and negative space, object and wall, addressing philosophical and aesthetic meanings of the circle. 

Bartomeu Sastre  has been recognized with awards such as the Art Jove del Govern Balear (2012) and has received significant support for his artistic creation.  He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona, has exhibited his work in outstanding solo exhibitions such as “Cada vegada estam més aprop, però no sé de què” (Fran Reus Gallery, Palma, 2022) and “Ensayo para un monólogo improvisado” (2018). His performances include “Què dura per sempre avui?” (Festival Emergències, Palma, 2022) and performances at the SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (2018).

For the second consecutive year, the Balearic tourism company Paya Hotels reaffirms its strong commitment to Balearic artistic creation and to the strengthening and visibility of this sector through its support of the OFF CAN 2024 Program. This program not only promotes Balearic talent, but also seeks to connect Ibiza and Formentera through art.

In collaboration with Fran Reus Gallery and La Bibi

Faro de Ses Coves Blanques

Carrer d'Alemanya, 1
07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany
Illes Balears, España