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Katja Meirowsky at Casa Broner

All year long

The MACE opens with Katja Meirowsky, the first of the series of monographic exhibitions featuring members of the Grupo Ibiza 59 at the Broner House, which will be held from this time onwards to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Erwin Broner's birth, which takes place this year, 2023. We have called this series of exhibitions Han vingut uns amics (Some Friends have Arrived), the title of one of the books by the Ibizan poet Antoni Marí, because it in some way reflects how friendship helps as a stimulus for creation and life. Friendship was crucial to the creation of the Grupo Ibiza 59, which promoted and showcased the work of each of its members, as well as that of the group's guest artists, some of whom played a key role in the international avant-garde, enhancing the cultural life of the city of Ibiza and connecting it with the artistic trends in vogue at the time. Between 1959 and 1964, at the El Corsario gallery, their centre of operations, they organised solo and group exhibitions by all the founders of the Grupo Ibiza 59: Erwin Bechtold, Erwin Broner, Hans Laabs, Katja Meirowsky, Robert Munford, Egon Neubauer, Bertil Sjöberg, Heinz Trökes and Antonio Ruiz, and by guest artists including Karel Appel, Pancho Cossío, Max Ernst, Amadeo Gabino, Juan Genovés, Hans Hartung, Joan Miró, Manolo Molezún, Manuel H. Mompó, Dimitri Perdikidis, Serge Poliakoff, Eusebio Sempere, Pierre Soulages, José Vento and M. H. Vieira da Silva, among others.


Casa Broner

Travessia de sa Penya,
15, 07800 Ibiza,
Islas Baleares