Fotografía de VETA by Fer Francés


by Fer Francés

Madrid, Spain

In 2021 Fer Francés opened his new personal project, VETA by Fer Francés, a 1200 sqm space devoted to painting. It opened its doors November 2021 in Carabanchel, a district in Madrid with a marked industrial past, giving a second life to several disused warehouses. 

The gallery program includes artists at all stages of their careers, so that different generations can dialogue with one another. It includes very renowned Spanish artists as Abraham Lacalle, Matías Sánchez and Santiago Ydáñez together with established international artists such as Erik Parker, Christian Rex van Minnen, Theresa Chromati and Manuel Ocampo. The gallery also pays attention to emerging artist from all over the world such as Juan de Morenilla, Atanda Quadri Adebayo or Kang Haoxian. 

Now VETA is in the middle of an enormous transformation. While remaining open to the public, the space is being renovated and expanded by the prestigious Spanish architecture studio RCR, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2017. The gallery will be a destination opened to different disciplines, breaking the traditional rules of the whitecube and creating a point of reference to the most populated district in Madrid.