Fotografía de Plan X



Milan, Italy

In an era characterized by individualism, Plan X Gallery establishes itself in the contemporary art market with the mission of continuing to research, support, and represent artists from all over the world trying to enhance their artistic production in the best possible way. 

At the base of every choice, there are incessant curatorial, aesthetic, and conceptual studies. From the concept that every great enterprise is driven by a strong desire for change, the two gallery owners Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile founded Plan X with the intention of giving life to an unconventional and innovative art gallery, distributed on the axis of geographical area of ​​the dynamic metropolis of Milan, up to the magical island of Capri.

Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile (nominated in 2020 by Forbes in the list of the 30 Under 30 ) Approach art with an unusual perspective, through which artists often assume the power and freedom of conveying provocative messages, use unusual materials and represent discordant realities, placing the observer in a condition of attention and thus leading him to overcome his visual and ideological limits.