Fotografía de Madragoa


Lisbon, Portugal

Madragoa is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2016 in the homonymous neighborhood of Lisbon’s historical center. The gallery has been an early supporter of a number of international young artists such as Adrián Balseca, Rodrigo Hernández, Renato Leotta, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Joanna Piotrowska, Yuli Yamagata, whose first works and exhibition have been produced and promoted by Madragoa, often presented for the first time in Portugal. The gallery launched the careers of young Portuguese artists such as Sara Chang Yan, Luís Lázaro Matos, Gonçalo Preto, Jaime Welsh, giving them visibility on the international scene. In 2023, Madragoa opened its new premises next to the Basílica da Estrela, one of Lisbon’s landmarks, in a space renovated by Ab Rogers Design.