Fotografía de Gallery Sofie Van de Velde


Sofie Van de Velde

Antwerp, Belgium

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, located in two areas in Antwerp, stands for entrepreneurship in art. Through the participation in art fairs and exhibitions, the gallery focuses on representing artists in a strong international network. Together with the artist, strategies are defined to bring the body of work to a new level. Moving away from a conventional competition-minded gallery model, Sofie Van de Velde’s philosophy is one of collaboration and shared opportunities and networks. The location at Nieuw Zuid, a space shared with PLUS-ONE Gallery, presents a strong and diverse exhibition programme. Both galleries not only share a space, but also a philosophy. While keeping their own perspective on artistic choices, they believe in a positive and transparent attitude of collaboration. Being one of the first to settle in this new neighbourhood, the gallery also seeks opportunities for the integration of more art at Nieuw Zuid. In 2020, the gallery opened a second space, located on Antwerp South, with a focus on solo exhibitions by Belgian and international artists. This gallery is an alternating exhibition space with PLUS-ONE Gallery