Fotografía de Cassina Projects



Milan, Italy

Cassina Projects was founded in New York in 2016 and since then has embarked on a mission to develop a transgenerational and international program, fostering a dialogue between established figures with broad critical recognition, mid-career artists, and emerging talents. Through a multidisciplinary approach and collaborations with a network of institutions, critics, curators, and art historians, Cassina Projects is dedicated to engaging in the discourse of contemporary art and playing a role in a broader conversation about the world and society at large. After three years in Chelsea, New York, in 2019 Cassina Projects moved to Milan, taking over a 1250-square-meter former aircraft factory built in 1920 and converting it into an exhibition space. The new facilities have been designed to include viewing rooms, storage, offices, and CP Studio, an independent space dedicated to hosting a residency program for international artists. In this original venue, where archaeological industrial architecture meets white cube-style renovations, solo exhibitions by gallery artists, curated exhibitions, and site-specific projects alternate. In this way, tangible statements of the gallery's vision have been made over the years through organized exhibitions aimed at giving voice to relevant international profiles that animate contemporary debate. Shows featuring emerging positions making their debut in Italy alongside solo presentations by artists such as Gerold Miller, Marcel Eichner, Yves Scherer, Louisa Clement, Gert & Uwe Tobias, Georg Herold, Gustavo Nazareno, and ambitious curated group exhibitions have given Cassina Projects notable exposure and laid the groundwork for expanding the program and further intensifying activity.