Xian Kim's artistic process involves reimagining familiar living things and everyday objects, transforming them into still life creations with a texture reminiscent of plastic. By distilling the essence of objects and eliminating extraneous details, Xian Kim invites us to contemplate a pure and simplified representation of reality. Through her artistic vision, she constructs an idyllic realm untouched by the complexities of everyday life, offering a serene refuge where we can temporarily forget our concerns and embrace a peaceful existence.


Xian Kim, b 1992 South Seoul



2010-2014      Tsinghua University

2015-2018      Central Academy of Fine Arts




2018    Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association

2018    The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea


Solo Shows

2023     Closed Market Solo Exhibition Galerie Ovo

2021    Plastic Smile, Gallery NI, Seoul



Selected Group Exhibitions


Thus, the End of My Gaze Is ,Gallery Artside Seoul ,Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

2021    Seoulro media canvas, Gallery BakYoung, Seoul

2021    THE SHIFT Park.4, Gallery BakYound, Paju

2020    On Tact Art Gueonggi

2020    Lee Kwangki’s On-line Art Show, kki studio

2020    BLOOM, Gallery Dongduk, Seoul

2020    The tip of the iceberg, Gallery IN, Seoul


Permanent collections


Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

东⽲禾天创⽂文化传媒, China

Signiel Hotel, Seoul

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