Taisiia Cherkasova is a Ukrainian visual artist who lives and works in Paris.


She uses wood, textile and ceramics to form her hybrid sculptures, which become the support of her painting.


The mixture of different mediums, textures and techniques creates her singular visual language. The morphology of her pieces is complex. They make heterogeneous bodies covered with leather, velvet, tattoos and paint. 


This graphic game sends us back to his own history, his memories and his unconscious. One plunges into his pictorial narration gradually. Like during a hypnosis session, the process takes time. The rendering of his pieces is deliberately blurred, the multiple levels of reading appear little by little.


His work is a wild chimera, you have to learn to look at it to discover its docile side. The symbols and references used in his works are numerous. Some of them come from popular culture, martial arts or cinema. They play the role of clues in this visual quest in which we have the pleasure to get lost.

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