Michel Mouffe explores the foundations of painting by challenging its limits. His works are built up out of many thin coats of paint and glaze, creating translucent layers that veil each other. Meanwhile he steps away from the flatness of the surface by implementing subtle protuberances emerging from behind the canvas, or by bending the work and adding a soft, wavy relief so that it hovers around the fine line between painting and sculpture. As space is marked and the two-dimensionality of the canvas is overcome, his works result in an experience of spatial relationships. The battle between line and colour has been put aside so that the two elements can work hand in hand.

Colour in Mouffe's paintings is subtle and significant — it requires a slowed down gaze in order to see the vibrations of the gradual coloured surface. Lines, bumps, and ripples break the monochrome surfaces as tools that open up, and thus liberate the paintings to give visual expression to the abstract views and ideals of the artist. His works convey sensuality and thought, inviting the viewer to enter into a mutually constructive, psycho-corporeal dialogue, while addressing the limitless space of the painting with all of the viewer's basic senses.

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