Lotte Wieringa (* 1991 in Nijmegen) is part of a young, emerging generation of painters from the Netherlands. In her works, the artist explores the relationship between her inner world and external influences. She uses her subjective perspective, while allowing herself to be intuitively guided in the painting process. The energetic and rhythmic structures on the canvas are created with the utmost openness and fidelity to what the flow of creation provides. The result is fascinating paintings that are often reminiscent of dream-like apparitions that explore the boundaries of perception and recognition.

Wieringa works with different materials, some of which she uses experimentally. She applies ultramarine blue oil paint in such a way that it resembles coarse ballpoint pen strokes. For this purpose, the artist developed her own printing technique, in which she applies the paint to the canvas in an indirect manner. These rhythmic scratchy lines, sometimes many and other times just a few, form the basis of each painting. They set the tone for the rest of the work.

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