María Yturralde

José María Yturralde (b.1942, ES)

José María Yturralde seeks to transcend the two dimensions of the picture’s plane surface, introducing the fourth dimension, time, which leads him to reflect on themes of the absolute and, by extension, the sublime. He does not conceive of space as a passive void but one permeated by tensions, forces, radiation and emotion, as the power of energy and matter.

Knowledge of our material and transcendent reality drives him to concentrate on the infinitesimal and the infinite to approach the threshold of our consciousness, the limit beyond which may lie a new beginning. In Yturralde’s pictorial haikus, he condenses the immensity of the knowable universe, offering powerful images for contemplation where aesthetic intensity is reached through compositional simplicity.

Yturralde’s work is part of many public and private collections in Spain and internationally. The Spanish institutions that hold works of his include MNCARS in Madrid, IVAM in Valencia, CAB in Burgos, CAAC in Seville, the Patio Herreriano in Valladolid, the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, the Juan March Foundation, the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca, and the National Library of Spain.


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