“I work without rules. I physicalize memories, dreams, music, etc… My mission is to find a balance between the ugly and the beautiful, the light and the dark. To create an energy that speaks to me. When I have captured this energy, I feel that the work is finished. But a work is never until it has found its final surroundings.”

Jack Kabangu’s very peculiar style is full of vibrant colors and energetic lines. The fusion of contemporary art and Kabangu’s African heritage may be seen in his artworks. His works combine figurative elements with resonant colors and abstract shapes. While drawing comparisons to abstract expressionism and feeling the Jackson Pollock spontaneity and movement while exploring the artworks, Kabangu is presenting a completely distinct form of contemporary expression. The artist prefers to use his fingers, spatulas, scrapers, and paint brushes while using a painting technique that involves black paint running on the canvas and bold background colors.
In addition to his memories, environment, and experiences, hip hop and rap music, movies, and urban life all have an impact on Kabangu’s art. Being a member of the millennial generation, listening to rap music, his style reflects the generation he belongs to. Referring to everything from his general presence to his thoughts and general aesthetic perspective.

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