Genti Korini (Al) 1979

Genti Korini (b. 1979) lives and works in Tirana (Albania).

1997- 2000, studied at the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 2001- 2003, studied and graduated, MFA at the University of Arts, Tirana, Albania.



Genti Korini’s work is particularly interested in the relationship between aesthetics and social imagination, examining how these elements are manifested in the juxtaposition of modernity and modernism with the cultural and historical framework of his native country, Albania. His work is positioned in the intersection between abstraction and representation, formalism and social commentary, art and design. Consequently the gaze is forced to explore the migration and reconfiguration of decontextualized forms, as symptoms of social and ideological transformations. Seen through the lens of post-communism and neoliberal ideology, shifting between painting, sculpture, photography and video, the works invites the viewer to experience beyond their surface level and consider the deeper conceptual, political and social implications.

His work has been shown in numerous institutional solo and group exhibitions including, National Gallery (Tirana, Albania, 2013), me Collectors Room, (Berlin, Germany, 2014), Art Encounters Biennale (Timisoara, 2016), MNAC Bucharest, (Bucharest, Romania, 2016), Contemporary Art Museum (Warsaw, Poland, 2017), Museum of Contemporary Art, (Zagreb, Croatia, 2018), City Art Gallery (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2019), Manifesta 14, (Prishtina, Kosovo, 2022).


Solo Exhibitions 

2023. The Curse of The Eye / curated by Maria Rus Bojan, Harabel Contemporary, Tirana.(Al)
2022. Bright Futures / DoubleQ Gallery, Hong Kong.(Ch)
2022. Lateral Geometries /curated by Horatiu Lipot, IOMO Contemporary, Bucharest, (Ro). 
2021. Hem Hem / Neither Nor, Either Or. Galeria e Bregdetit.(AL). 
2020. Speculations/Simulations, Lachenmann Gallery, Frankfurt, (Ge).
2019. The Drawing Lesson, curated by Cristian Nae. Jecza Gallery, (Ro). 
2019. Notes from the Upperground Bazament, Tirana, (AL).
2017. Solid Uncertainties, BeersLondon Gallery, London, (UK).
2016. Inside My Walls I See Yours, Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen (De).
2014. The Object and Its Background, curated by Jean Neal, Jecza Gallery, (Ro).
2013. Ephemeral Structures, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, (AL).


Group Exhibitions 

2022. On/Off the Grid, curated by Alina Serban. Jecza Gallery, (Ro).
2022. Geometric Environment, Ani Molnar Gallery, Budapest, (Hu).
2019. Listen to Us Artistic Intelligence, curated by Office for Art, Berlin.
City Art Gallery Plovdiv, (Bu).
2018. Painting #2, Riccardo Crespi Gallery, Milan, (It).
2018. Articulations, curated by Barnabás Bencsik. Glassyard Gallery Budapest, (Hu). 
2018 I Am The Mouth,
curated by Office for Art. Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, (Cr).
2017. Half-Truth, Klorikarnia, curated by Office for Art. Contemporary Art Museum Warsaw (Po).
2017. Power of Line, Jecza Gallery, (Ro). 
2016 Homage Ideal or Pattern, curated by Edit Sasvari. Knoll Gallery, Vienna, (Au). 
2016. Shape of Time Future of Nostalgia, curated by Office for Art. National Museum of Contemporary Art, MNAC Bucharest, (Ro).
2016. Appereances and Essence, ArtEncounters Biennale, curated by Rainald Schumacher and Nathalie Hoyos. Timisoara. (Ro) 
2015. Mona, 68 Projects, Berlin. (Ge). 
2014. Fragile Sense of Hope, me Collectors Room, Berlin, (Ge).

2012. Perchance to Dream, Onufri XIX Annual Albanian Contemporary Art Prize, curated by Daniele Capra, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, (Al). 
2007. There Is No Place like Home, curated by Ricardo Caldura. Galeria Contemporaneo, Venice. (It). 


2022. Manifesta 14 Biennale, Prishtina, Kosovo

Film/Video Festivals

2022, TIFF-Tirana Film Festival.
2022, Ekrani i Artit, Shkodra Art House, Shkodër, Albania

Art Residencies 

2017. CCA Andtraitx, Mallorca, Spain. 
2015. ISCP, International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York. USA.
2013. Autocenter Summer Academy, Berlin, Germany, Masterclass with Thomas Scheibitz.

Exhibition Publications 

2022 Lateral Geometries, IOMO Contemporary, Text by Horatiu Lipot, Bucharest, Romania.
2016. Inside My Walls I See Yours, Martin Asbeak Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. Text by Christina Steinbrecher Pfandt, Anton Streletzki.
2014. The Object and Its Background, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, Romania. Text by 
Jean Neal. 
2013. Ephemeral Structures, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania.
Text by Alban Hajdinaj.


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