Since childhood, he has been a big fan of Cartoons. The colours, the clear shapes, but of course also the humour and how entertaining they are were the main reasons. In 2020 he started to incorporate this theme into his work and realised quickly what a great source of inspiration it is. He started to develop new techniques in his work to approach this, like painting directly on old TVs or discarded mobile phones and soon motifs like the Simpsons and Mickey Mouse started to show up in my work.

He also explored animation for his work: he created little scenes with clay figures and composition became the main focus of his paintings too. All displays are limited by a frame and so is a canvas. With this in mind, his compositions started to fill the canvas more and more and the formats got bigger.

He do not want to see his work only in his studio or in exhibitions on white walls, he prefer a context that’s a better fit for the image. Last year, he worked on a series of drivers and it only made sense to show the works on the street. After their drive through the city they have a story to tell, they experienced something and I like this thought.

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