Salomé Chatriot’s work is articulated around a radically emancipatory vision of the hybridization between Female and Machine that is generated through complex formal fabrication processes. They involve 3D images-in-motion generated by a computer program she created, thus initiating a powerful homomorphism between the motifs and the process. From breathing performances, milk sculptures, liquid paintings and films, she seeks opportunities to expand our intimate relationships with technologies.

She explores issues of identity, gender and sexuality through a distinctly erotic component, while it also challenges dominant narratives. Through her hybrid, disturbing yet optimistic artistic language, Chatriot is capable of generating unconventional approaches relating to technological tools.


Her recent exhibitions and screenings include Elevation 1049 curated by Neville Wakefield and Olympia Scarry for Luma Foundation in Gstaad (CH), Your Favorite Weapon, a duo show  with Emma Stern at New Galerie (FR); Fragile Ecosystem, a breathing performance at Art Basel (CH) curated by Gianni Jetzer ; Unfinished Camp at the Shed Museum (NY) and HEK (CH) that produced her art film Our Symbiosis Infected her Fertile Systems curated by Boris Magnini on a proposition from Hans-Ulrich Obrist and András Szantó. She has been selected by Cecilia Alemani to be part of Biennale College Arte in 2021. She will soon present a new painting series at the Grand Palais in Paris.