Rita Sala is a Barcelona-based painter. She has her studio in the the La Bolsillo Mágico project, which she co-directs. It is a cultural, exhibition and meeting space, where contemporary art exhibitions and artistic events take place.

Sala has participated in art fairs like MARTE Valencia 2018 and the LOOP Festival 2018, as well as the Mad Madrid 2020. At the same time, she obtained the First Prize of Mutua Catalana in Tarragona 2019, and received an Honorable Mention in the DAART painting contest and in the Ibero-American Graphic Works Biennial in Cáceres (Spain).

In 2017-2018, Sala lived in Berlin for two years preparing her first solo exhibition, 'At intersection', at Olivart Art Gallery. She has participated in different group exhibition spaces in Barcelona such as Olivart Art Gallery, Start, Esart and Mutuo Art Center; internationally, her work has been exhibited at the École Saint Luc gallery in Belgium, and she edited a publication for the Rivisitazione di libri project in Italy.

In 2020-21 she was finalist at BCN Producció, with the curatorial proposal '(Re) forma', a large-scale painting exhibition. Meanwhile, her work 'Perimeter' was acquired by Patrim Art Collection of the University of Barcelona. In the same year she participated in institutional exhibitions such as the group exhibition 'Bauen: palpem els ecos i murmurs', at the Felícia Fuster Foundation or the exhibition 'Estètiques de la proximitat' at the Vila Casas Foundation.

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