Ana Barriga (b. 1984 in Spain) lives and works in Madrid. She received her Degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville. Prior to this she studied Higher Technical Diploma in Applying Art to Stone in Seville. Ana Barriga works with mixed media, using oil, enamel, felt pen, and spray, which she uses as an act of vandalism towards her own paintings, a hallmark of all her work. In her art, she deals with themes of transcendental importance such as life, death, love, sex, or human relations. All her work follows an identical process in her search for the balance of emotion and reason: she rescues objects that are aesthetically playful or cute and intervenes on them by recontextualising and crystalizing them through her creative process. The result: a lively and colourful aesthetic which complements the relation between the definitive image and the title of the work, often eloquently punctuated and marked by irony.​​

Ana Barriga is convinced that a hidden life exists within us, where our desires, dreams, hopes and frustrations live. The artist understands her figures as messengers who can convey to us encrypted riddles and messages from that “other world”. We are also thrown back on the constructed, precisely “artificial” forms of representation of art – which we as viewers never see without bias.​

“I consider myself a hunter, who selects the best objects that society has thrown out," Barriga explains. "I intervene on them in a playful way, with sarcasm and irony, and this allows me to remove seriousness from important themes such as death, sexuality, or religion. The way I manipulate objects, paint and cover my own designs, point to the way in which I conceive the creative act, and maybe even the life itself.”

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