Mixing airbrush acrylic and oil sections, Martin Kacmarek has found a way to portray people that rarely consider their visual appearance, conveying more of their it-is-what-it-is attitude rather than their actual complexion or features. Placed far from the shiny lights of modern day urban life, these characters are accompanied by either their pets or their trusty tools and weapons and going about their daily routines. Whether caught mid-work or while having a break, they feel done and tired but are still standing strong and proud, evoking the "It ain't much, but it's honest work" vibe. In that light, even a romantic date becomes a setback of sorts, conditioning the awkwardness and unfitness seeping into the posture and the garb picked for the occasion. And speaking of light, the scenery is almost exclusively murky outdoors, with the sun being out of the picture, covered with thick clouds or barren trees. In the end, the only moment the sun is on the horizon, it's blasting it's cosmic heat on the naked skin of these rural dons.